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About Linux Scripts

Here you can find a useful collection of small linux helper scripts.
To show a script, click on the filename and a new window pops up, containing the code.

Some scripts need little modifications like image path for notifications.


7z_dir.shCompress a complete subfolder with 7z to a 7z-file
99-wlan-autoAuto-enable and disable wlan on ethernet connection
bandwidth_current.shShell CGI script to get currently used bandwidth (eg. for router)
dd_progressbar.shA script for using dd with a progress bar
garmin_extract.shCopy waypoints and tracks from a garmin device to gpx-files
get_volume.shReturns the current audio volume
limit_bandwidth.shLimit the bandwidth system-wide
mouse_click.shSimulate infinite mouse clicks
notepad++.shStart notepad++ with file as command line parameter
repair_chmod.shSet chmods of subdirectories and files to default recursively
screen_always_on.shThis script disables screen blanking for watching movies etc.
screentemp_set.shSet screen temperature using a gui for redshift
teamviewer_start.shStart TeamViewer daemon only when needed
x11vnc_infinite.shA x11vnc "watchdog": Restart x11vnc when terminated
xbmc_notify.shSend a notification to XBMC via json
xbmc_playfile.shRequest for XBMC to play a single file
xbmc_secondscreen.shStart XBMC on a second screen

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