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Bluetooth keyboard in RaspBMC

This tutorial shows you, how to easily connect a bluetooth keyboard to RaspBMC.
  • Connect via SSH to your Raspberry Pi and login as user pi with password raspberry
  • When connected, at first enable dbus:
    pi@raspbmc:~$ sudo update-rc.d -f dbus defaults
  • Then install needed software:
    pi@raspbmc:~$ sudo apt-get install bluez python-gobject
  • Then list your bluetooth devices:
    pi@raspbmc:~$ sudo hcitool dev
    The result shows the name of your bluetooth stick (here hci0 - you need it later).
    hci0      00:09:DD:50:31:FB
  • Switch your keyboard to pairing-mode (there should be a special button on your keyboard) and enter:
    pi@raspbmc:~$ sudo hcitool scan
    In the result you should see your keyboard (bluetooth iPazzport with it's MAC address, which you need later).
    54:46:6B:00:70:66      bluetooth iPazzport
  • Then enter the following commands, but replace the green and red fields with your values:
    pi@raspbmc:~$ sudo bluez-simple-agent hci0 54:46:6B:00:70:66
    Then it asks you to enter a PIN Code. Just enter some number like 1337:
    Enter PIN Code: 1337
    Now you have to enter the same number on your bluetooth keyboard and press the [ENTER] key.
    When all worked right you should see a message:
    New device (/org/bluez/2139/hci0/dev_54_46_6B_00_70_66)
  • Next set your keyboard as trusted:
    pi@raspbmc:~$ sudo bluez-test-device trusted 54:46:6B:00:70:66 yes
  • Last of all, connect to your keyboard:
    pi@raspbmc:~$ sudo bluez-test-input connect 54:46:6B:00:70:66
    Wait a few seconds and your keyboard should work.
  • If it doesn't work yet, try restarting the daemon:
    pi@raspbmc:~$ /etc/init.d/bluetooth restart
  • And if you made something wrong and want to delete a known device, just enter:
    pi@raspbmc:~$ bluez-test-device remove 54:46:6B:00:70:66
  • WARNING: Editing XBMC services (FTP, SSH, ...) seems to disable bluetooth. Then just restart RaspBMC and it should work again!

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