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About #gather

The Tool #gather is a very minimal freeware IRC client running under Java for finding players especially on big LAN parties. Earlier this tool ran using Java Webstart but I decided to release it as an exe/jar-file because of better acceptance of the users.

A Java runtime environment >= 1.7 needs to be installed. You can run the program by starting the jar-file or under windows you can just start the exe-file like with any other windows program.

The IRC backend is realized with the PircBot framework, which is also used in Azureus/Vuze and other projects.


Download #gather (Version 0.9, ~ 720 KB)
Download the source code


List of games I want to play

List of all game-search-channels on the server

Chat window of a channel


Demonstration of the tool (german)

Chuck Norris benutzt noch einen C64 - mit Windows 8.