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About hosts_launcher

hosts_launcher is a tool to edit the file C:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts.
It can add preset entries, then start an exe file and after this terminates remove the entries.

The file hosts_launcher.exe can renamed to whatever you want but you must keep a file named "hosts_launcher.ini" within the same folder as the exe file. The file hosts_launcher.ini must contain the following three entries. Please note that all parameter names (the left side of the equal sign) must be lowercased and there must not be any whitespaces before or after the equal sign. Also the exefile must be in the same folder as hosts_launcher.exe or you must give a relative path (..\games\play.exe).


This example would start iexplore.exe and redirect and to This change is relevant for the whole operating system (windows), but will be reversed after iexplore.exe is terminated.


The EXE-file and the source code can be downloaded here.


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