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About HDD-Status

HDD-Status is a little tool to control and monitor up to ten harddrives of a linux system. I'm using it on my laptop to save power while not using my data harddisks. It consists of a server which runs under root privileges and utilizes hdparm. It can be started by adding
to /etc/rc.local for example. The settings file is called hddstatus.conf and is located directly in the binary's folder. HDD-Status can also unmount the drive before sending it to standby.

The client application has to be started with user privileges and adds a small tray icon for each harddisk showing the current status of the harddisk (standby/running). By clicking on it you can send the harddisk to standby mode and it notifies you when the status changes. It does not need to be installed, you just have to run the hddstatus-server and hddstatus-client binary. The program creates an example config file automatically.


The source code (and a binary compiled under Linux Mint 17 64 Bit) can be downloaded here.
The needed packages to compile (very few) are listed in the file


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