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About ATmusic

The mp3-player 'ATmusic' consists of an ATmega644 and the VS1011e produced by VLSI. The Display is that of a Siemens S65 cell phone, the control of the sd card is realized by the Roland Riegel-library.

Splash screen of the mp3-player

Compiling and flashing

  1. Download and install WinAVR 20100110
    Download WinAVR-20100110-install.exe and install.
    In the installation process select "Add Directories to PATH (recommended)".
    You do not need "Install Programmers Notepad".
  2. Download the source code and extract
    Download and extract to some folder.
  3. Compile using WinAVR
    Open the windows command prompt and change to the folder where you extracted the file Then change to the subfolder "Software Quelltext" and enter make to compile the source code. This should start the make.exe being installed with WinAVR (C:\WinAVR-20100110\utils\bin\make.exe).

  4. Admire the result :-)
    The result of the compile process is the file mp3-player.hex in the subfolder "build". This file needs to be flashed onto your board. If you don't want to compile yourself, you can download it here.
  5. Flash to your board
    In work . . .


Demonstration of possibilities


Development board in theory

Development board in practice

GUI Library

The contained GUI-library offers some elements which allow to create a comfortable and very modern graphical user interface in combination with the lcd-library on the ATmega.

Here are the main object in the color schemes "Arctic Blue":.

LCD Library

The contained LCD-library allows a fast and comfortable control of the Siemens S65-LCD.
It has been writted completely in C and overtops conventional libraries in speed.

Example project of the LCD-library: Demonstration of functions

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